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This 6-month course is designed with a complete vigilance to meet the prevailing demand of the industry. This course will provide a sound knowledge & understanding regarding Shariah Standards and Principles that are applicable in Islamic Modes and Financing facilities. The course will provide a thorough learning on “How To Handle Practical Implementation Of Shariah Principles, Issues In Practical Execution & Monitoring Of Every Single Transaction.”

Module 1

  • Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Trading in Currencies
  • Debit Card, Charge Card and Credit Card
  • Guarant ees
  • Hawalah
  • Murabahah
  • Promise

Module 2

  • Ijarah and Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek
  • Salam and Parallel Salam
  • Istisna’a and Parallel Istisna’a
  • Sharikah Musharakah and Modern Corporations
  • Mudarabah

Module 3

  • Documentary Credit
  • Commercial Papers
  • Investment Sukuk
  • Banking Services in Islamic banks
  • Possession Qabd

Module 4

  • Combination of Contracts
  • Islamic Insurance
  • Monetization Tawarruq
  • Investment Agency Al-Wakalah Bl Al-Istithmar
  • Zakah


This course is offered to all the Professionals and Executives who are working in a corporate or banking sector.


By attending this course, one can be able to excel himself in an industry and will also be able to contribute in the betterment & stability of the industry.


  • Course will be accelerated in the purpose-built campus of “Centre Of Islamic Economics.”
  • All the attendees will learn the skills and strategies in a place with a commendable ambience.
  • Course will be conducted by our expert faculty members who are capable to deal with the difficulties amicably.
  • Flexible learning hours will be provide to the course attendees as per their requirement.
  • “Certificate Of Completion” will be provided in the end of the course.
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