Halaal Auditing

Halaal Auditing
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Muslim population is increasing day by day. The food being permissible in Islam is regarded as Halaal and offers an estimated outreach to around 2 billion Muslim consumer around the globe capturing 17% of the global food and beverage industry. The global halaal food and beverage trade recorded $662 billion. Previously Green Edtech has been offered many courses regarding Halaal Food Management System. Now Four-Day session will be covered implementation and auditing techniques.


  • To provide participants with sound theoretical and practical knowledge in all phases of Halaal Auditing
  • To establish a competent audit practice and professional code of ethics that preserves the integrity of Halaal
  • To enhance the standard and quality of Halaal certification with the implementation of Pakistan Standards Quality Control Authority (PSQCA)

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Halal Management System with terms & definition.
  • Requirements for Halal Management System
  • Requirements for Halal Management System (Section 4.2 – 4.18)
  • Halal Compliance Critical Control Point
  • Fundamentals of Shariah
  • Primary Sources of Shariah
  • Secondary Sources of Shariah
  • Corporate social responsibility& Environmental compliance impact on Halal Certification
  • Food safety assurance plan
  • Halal Certification System
  • Audit Protocol
  • Activities
  • Exam
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