XCell Mobile XL-201 Mobile - Without Camera - 1.8 HD Inch Display - Dual Sim - PTA Approved

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The XCell Mobile XL-201 is a feature phone that comes with a 1.8 inch HD display and a stylish design similar to the Nokia 105 4G. It is PTA approved and has a 1200mAH battery that provides long-lasting usage. The phone is equipped with dual sim capabilities, auto call recording, and a Bluetooth dialer. It also has a wireless FM radio and an audio and video player for entertainment purposes. With a 1-year warranty, this phone is a reliable choice for those who prefer a simple yet functional device.


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• XCell Mobile XL-201 - Without Camera, Dual Sim
• 1.8 HD Inch Display, PTA Approved
• 1200mAH Battery, Stylish Look
• Design Like Nokia 105 4G
• Auto Call Recording, Bluetooth Dialer
• Wireless FM Radio, Audio & Video Player
• 1 Year Warranty

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