Winter Fleece Blanket

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  • Man or woman, young or old, Snuggie makes the perfect gift! With so many colors to choose from, everyone is sure to love their snuggie Blanket! snuggie Blanket measures 71” x 54” which means it is long enough to wrap around your legs and feet while relaxing and leaves your arms free to move about.
  • It keeps you warm from head to toe while allowing complete freedom of movement.
  • Great for Home or Travel, you can also use outside to keep warm at sporting events or can use in Airplane, Bath, Home, Hospital,
  • One Size Fits All for Adult
  • Blanket is the perfect addition to any lazy day! Whether you are sitting on the sofa or lounging in bed, the super soft, light-weight fleece is sure to keep you comfortable all day and night. Keeping you warm from head to toe.
  • Machine Washable
  • Color As per availability
  • Super Soft Fleece
  • Durable
  • High-Quality
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