5 in 1 Cleaning Broom Brush Set

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  • Made from pure plastic
  • Special brush with split bristles which enables collecting fine dust particle
  • Color: color random
  • Size: 24.5CM(H) X 17.5CM(W)
  • Includes : 5 pcs Broom Set


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Set of 5 pcs Broom Brush Set with Dustpan and Wiper Cleaning Set for Home Office and Car – 5PCBROOMSET Keep your House Perfectly Clean with Floor Broom Set with a Dustpan Do you love to keep your house clean? Do you prefer dusting the different corners of your house to attain the perfect cleanliness? Brace yourself with Floor Brush Set with a Dustpan that comes with a special brush with fine split bristles to help you clean even the minute of dust particles. This Bush set from Gala is made of virgin plastic that makes it durable and long lasting. Its easy-to-use Floor Broom Set with a Dustpan and offers more depth to help you collect more dust than any other floor brush set available in the market. The leveller of the dustpan makes sure the dustpan can be used in accordance with any surface that you need to collect dust from. This feature comes very handy particularly when you need to reach out to difficult places.
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