8 Grids Barrel Shape Ice Cream Maker

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  • Material: PS+PP
  • Weight: 268g
  • Size: 13.2*13.2*11.2cm


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  • 1 Pcs Homemade Rock Sugar Popsicle/ice Cream Mold Home Frozen To Make Popsicle Artifact Popsicle MoldProduct Description:Product name: Homemade popsicle ice cream mold
  • Features: Homemade popsicle ice cream mold environmental protection and safety, dust-proof and odor-free, triangular molding, rapid demolding, food-grade material, low-temperature resistance -20 °C low-temperature freezing can be placed in the refrigerator for a long time, without worrying about mold deformation, damage and other troubles. 8 lattice design, can meet the taste of different people. The top water injection port design does not need to be opened, and warm water is directly injected, which is convenient for quick demolding.Homemade popsicle ice cream mold .Color: orange, green
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