Microwave Oven Dawlance Cooking Series DW-131-HP Black

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  • Microwave ovens use electromagnetic waves called microwaves to heat food. These microwaves are a form of electromagnetic radiation that has a relatively short wavelength. When microwaves interact with food, they generate heat by exciting the water molecules within the food. As the water molecules vibrate and generate heat, the food gets cooked or heated.


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  1. Magnetron: This is the heart of the microwave oven. It's a device that generates the microwaves.
  2. Waveguide: The magnetron sends microwaves into the waveguide, which then directs them into the cooking chamber.
  3. Cooking Chamber: This is where you place the food. The chamber is designed to be reflective to microwaves, ensuring that they are contained within the oven.
  4. Turntable (if applicable): Many microwave ovens have a turntable that rotates the food while it's cooking. This ensures more even heating.
  5. Control Panel: The control panel includes buttons and settings to adjust cooking time, power level, and other functions.
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