Westpoint Deluxe Handy Garment Steamer WF-1153 870W White

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  • Handheld garment steamers are used to remove wrinkles and freshen up clothing items without the need for an iron and ironing board. Deluxe models often come with advanced features for more efficient and effective steaming. Here are some features you might expect in a deluxe handheld garment steamer:


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  1. Higher Steam Output: Deluxe models tend to have a more powerful steam output, which helps in quickly and effectively removing wrinkles from fabric.

  2. Larger Water Tank: A larger water tank allows for longer continuous steaming sessions without frequent refilling.

  3. Fast Heat-Up Time: Deluxe steamers usually have a shorter heat-up time, allowing you to start steaming more quickly.

  4. Multiple Steam Settings: Different fabric types require different levels of steam. Deluxe models might have adjustable steam settings to suit various fabrics.

  5. Steam Output Control: Some steamers offer a trigger or control button that allows you to release steam only when needed, conserving water and energy.

  6. Accessories: Deluxe handheld steamers might come with additional attachments such as crease tools, brush attachments, and fabric brushes to enhance their versatility.

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