Winston Rechargeable LED Table Lamp

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The Winstone LED rechargeable lamp boasts a spine-type design that's both unique and versatile. Its adjustable beads allow for precise lighting adjustments, resembling natural sunlight for enhanced comfort and productivity. With a USB cable included, recharging is convenient via PC, laptop, or power bank. In essence, this lamp combines style and functionality, offering users a sleek and adaptable lighting solution for any space.


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The Winstone LED rechargeable lamp is a marvel of modern design, offering unparalleled functionality and aesthetic appeal. Its spine-type table lamp design immediately captures attention, standing out as a unique addition to any space. What sets it apart is its innovative feature allowing all beads to be moved, providing users with unparalleled flexibility in directing light exactly where it's needed most.

This lamp is highly adjustable, catering to individual preferences and lighting needs with ease. Its ability to mimic natural sunlight adds a touch of warmth and authenticity to any environment, enhancing both productivity and comfort. The inclusion of a USB cable ensures convenient recharging options, whether it's through a PC, laptop, or power bank, making it ideal for use in various settings.

In essence, the Winstone LED rechargeable lamp combines style, functionality, and versatility in a single, elegant package, offering users an unparalleled lighting experience tailored to their unique preferences and requirements.

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